Bill Cosby and the burden of proof

February 9, 2016

Bill Cosby was a television dad and husband who stood for what was right. He spoke out for good values and was honored by various colleges and universities. Our society regarded him as a fine person, a model citizen.

Now he is something different, a person widely reviled for allegedly taking advantage of countless women.

The courts exist to protect everyone, and that includes Cosby. Last October, a Massachusetts federal judge ruled that a defamation case brought against him by three women could go forward. They say Cosby damaged their reputations when his representatives denied their allegations of sexual misconduct. On Jan. 21, a judge in Pennsylvania went the other way and threw out a defamation case brought against him by one of his accusers. As in Massachusetts, Cosby denied her molestation charges, and she argued that he was defaming her character by calling her a liar.

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