Columbia Journalism School Alums Hear Robert A. Bertsche on Anonymous Sources

November 15, 2005

Prince Lobel media lawyer Rob Bertsche joined four journalists and law professors in a discussion of “Unnamed Sources” for alumni of Columbia University’s renowned School of Journalism on November 15, 2005.  Bertsche discussed the growing trend of subpoenas to the media, and ways in which journalists have been found liable for their attempts to protect the confidentiality of their sources.

Rob is one of the Commonwealth’s foremost experts on confidential sources.  In 2004, he appeared with former New York Times reporter Judith Miller in Boston University’s nationally televised “Great Debate” on the issue of the reporter’s privilege.  Miller was later jailed for almost three months for her refusal to divulge the name of the source who had told her of Valerie Plame’s status as a CIA operative.

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