Diane Rubin Authors Follow-Up Article on SJC Poison Pill Case

IN THE PRESS · January 25, 2018

Real Estate partner and chair of Prince Lobel’s Condominium Law Group Diane Rubin authored an article in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly on the potential legislative changes that may come about as a result of a recent SJC case concerning anti-litigation, or “poison pill,” provisions.  The Court ruled that, in the case of a condominium board attempting to bring a lawsuit against their developer, the anti-litigation provisions in the condominium’s governing documents were invalid, as they “contravened public policy.”  Rubin examines the legislation that may arise in response to this decision, including one pending bill that would render such poison pill provisions unenforceable unless adopted after the organization of unit owners has taken full control of the condominium’s governing board.  To read the full article, click here.

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