2013 Legal Road Map For Employers: Joseph L. Edwards, Jr. Featured Speaker at Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce

April 18, 2013

Joe Edwards, a senior associate in the firm’s Employment Law Practice Group, will address the Chamber’s Human Resource Association on the topics, “Workplace and Sexual Harassment,” and “Disability Discrimination and the Duty to Accommodate.” The discussion on sexual harassment includes:

  • The role of the supervisor/manager
  • The importance of taking immediate action
  • Bullying in the workplace

In the discussion on disability discrimination, Joe shares his insights on issues including:

  • Leaves of absences under FMLA, ADA, etc.
  • Challenges for managers in managing FMLA
  • Importance of confidentiality

Joe has more than 20 years of experience representing employers in a wide range of employee harassment and discrimination cases. He also does onsite training for employers on these and other critical employment issues.

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