Advertising, Marketing and Promotions Law: Risks and Challenges in the Digital Age: Peter J. Caruso II Speaker at NECCA Seminar

March 6, 2013

Digital advertising is not only commonplace, it’s required for any company that wants to remain visible and battle for market share. But in this evolving regulatory landscape, how do companies maintain their competitive edge without running afoul of the law? Peter Caruso, a partner in Prince Lobel’s Media Law Practice Group, will address members of the New England Corporate Counsel Association where he will lead a discussion on topics including:

  • Free Trials – Is Your Endorsement a Free Trip to the FTC?
  • 3 FTC Advertising Developments to Watch
  • Consumer Privacy – Why it Matters More than Ever
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest: Harness User-Generated Content

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