Legal Cram Course: Doing Great Journalism Without Being Sued – Robert A. Bertsche NENPA Presenter

February 7, 2014

Prince Lobel Tye LLP Media Practice Group Chair Robert A. Bertsche presents a fast-paced, interactive workshop to members of the New England Newspaper and Press Association (NENPA) at their annual winter convention. Attendees will learn the basics about libel, copyright law, newsgathering torts, confidential sources and subpoenas, invasion of privacy, and the law of social media. Rob Bertsche, NENPA’s general counsel, highlights the latest legal developments from the six New England states, and teaches attendees what they absolutely need to know to minimize legal risks while still engaging in aggressive, investigative journalism.

NENPA is the professional trade organization for newspapers in the six New England states. NENPA is the principal advocate for newspapers in the region, helping them to successfully fulfill their mission to engage and inform the public while navigating and ultimately thriving in today’s evolving media landscape. Prince Lobel staffs a media law hotline for NENPA members in good standing.


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