MCLE New England: Trying Divorce Cases

October 19, 2023

This program will help prepare attorneys to try a divorce case. According to the MCLE New England Program Alert, here is the agenda for the program:

  • What to Expect and How to Utilize Pretrial Hearings
  • Improving Your Witness and Case Preparation Skills
  • Trial Preparation and Planning—The Last Thirty Days
  • Analyzing the Value of Your Client’s Marital Home
  • Locating Hidden Assets and Inconsistencies in Lifestyle and Reported Income
  • Direct and Cross-Examination of Experts on the Value of the Marital Home and Business
  • Depositions at Trial and Use of Financial Statements During Witness Examination
  • Use of the Child Support Guidelines and Alimony Considerations in Preparing Your Case
  • Negotiation Strategies and Techniques
  • When, Why, and How to Use Dispute Resolution Options as a Trial Alternative
  • Input and Commentary from a Probate and Family Court Judge
  • “Ask the Experts” Q&A Session

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