Media Law Attorneys Present Legal Briefing for Magazine Editors 2013

November 19, 2013

Prince Lobel Tye LLP media lawyers Robert A. Bertsche, Peter J. Caruso II, and Asya Calixto will present a full-day program presented by the Association of Magazine Editors.

Native advertising. “Twibel.” Facebook sweepstakes.  Reader comments.  Celebrity endorsements.  Embedded videos.  Bloggers-for-hire.  If you’re a magazine editor in 2013, sometimes it seems you hear more about the FTC than you do about the First Amendment; more about “transparency” than about “truth”; and more about page views than about Ellies.  Your magazine’s business model and its relationship with readers have changed.  So, too, has the way courts are applying the laws of copyright, libel, and invasion of privacy to the material you print, post, Tweet, market, promote, and sell.

ASME’s 2013 Legal Briefing for Magazine Editors will bring you up to speed on the latest legal developments.  In a fast-paced and interactive day-long program, we’ll discuss what you need to know to keep your magazine –and writers, photographers, bloggers, and promotion and marketing staffs– out of court.

Broken down into two sessions, the day’s presentations will cover:

Business Law for Magazine Editors (Morning Session)

Topics include: How to set up sweepstakes and contests that comply with the law (and with Facebook’s rules); creating state-of-the-art contracts with freelancers and vendors; what to include in your social media policy; protecting your brand online; legal perils to avoid when sponsoring events; negotiating talent and celebrity contributor agreements; mobile marketing and dot-com disclosures; and how to structure a lawful internship program.

Journalism Law for Magazine Editors (Afternoon Session)

Topics include: How native advertising is changing the legal rules you need to follow; what to watch for when republishing Facebook posts and photos; guidelines for using celebrity names and images; the evolving definition of “fair use” in the digital context; online corrections and take-down requests; liability for ratings and rankings; leaks, shield laws, and how to respond when the DOJ comes knocking; the debate over reader comments; and, of course, the latest tales from the trenches about protecting your magazine from libel and invasion of privacy claims.

Click the link below for complete information about the program and its presenters.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

810 Seventh Avenue, 24th Floor
New York, NY 10019

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