Nanomaterials Safety and Health: Strategies for Engineering Out Hazards during Production and Downstream Use: William S. Rogers, Jr. Participates in BLR Webinar – January 22, 2015

January 22, 2015

Learn the potential risks of nanomaterial exposure and cost-effective strategies for addressing them. Webinar
topics included:

  • Why EHS professionals are uncertain about nanomaterial safety
  • What nanomaterial safety regulations have been initiated or proposed
  • How to identify and assess nanomaterial hazards in the workplace
  • What nanomaterial-related issues, like product safety, to watch out for
  • How to manage risk associated with manufacturing nanomaterials
  • Approaches to developing product warnings and similar content
  • Strategies for informing consumers and employees about nanomaterial hazards
  • Best practices for safe nanomaterials manufacturing, use, and disposal
  • Where to find effective third-party resources to help you develop a nanomaterials EHS program

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