Prince Lobel Presents a Roundtable on Accessibility Requirements: Common Misconceptions and What You Need To Know

March 1, 2017

“Is it ADA compliant?” This common question in the real estate and construction industry is often used as shorthand for compliance with a multitude of state and federal accessibility laws.  A recent uptick in accessibility lawsuits against various local businesses has made meeting these requirements a necessity.

Join Bill Burke, Diane Rubin, and Andrew Baldwin of Prince Lobel’s Real Estate and Construction practice groups and learn the right questions to ask about compliance and the potential mistakes that would put your project at risk.  The panel will also include Deborah Ryan of Deborah A. Ryan and Associates, who brings a wealth of experience on accessibility issues as a consultant, former executive director of the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board, and current Board Member of the U.S. Access Board.

The panel will present an overview of the state and federal accessibility laws that you need to know for your projects, buildings, or leased spaces, and will cover how you can ensure full compliance with all of them.  The panel will welcome questions and will feature an interactive discussion focused on common scenarios in which accessibility issues arise, examples of best practices for avoiding these risks, and how to respond to complaints of noncompliance.

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