Prince Lobel Presents: Brand Protection in the Digital Age

April 26, 2012

They’re talking about you on the Internet. Do you know what they’re saying?

The social media explosion has made it more important than ever for your business to project an identifiable brand – and more challenging than ever to protect that brand from infringement and insult. Managing that process takes a combination of legal know-how and business savvy.

Please join Prince Lobel’s intellectual property and Internet attorneys for an informative, hands-on workshop addressing brand creation and protection in the context of evolving media trends and technologies. Topics of discussion will include:

  • Steps to take when developing and trademarking your brand
  • Risks involved in using others’ content, and tips for protecting your own
  • Managing your business’s reputation – and your own – in traditional and social media networks

Robert A. Bertsche, Partner
Peter J. Caruso II, Partner
Asya Calixto, Associate

To register for this seminar, please send an email with your name, title, and company to

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