Hugh Gorman Discusses Superior Court Decision on Mechanic’s Lien in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

IN THE PRESS · June 22, 2018

A recent Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly article featured a quotation by Construction Group chair Hugh Gorman regarding a Superior Court judge’s decision not to enforce a mechanic’s lien due to statutory noncompliance.  Gorman agreed with the judge’s decision, saying: “to the extent that a party that’s trying to enforce a lien fails to follow literally the letter of the law, that renders a lien invalid.  This decision re-confirms the proposition that when you put together lien documents, you need to make sure you’ve got all your information in hand and that you include the right information relative to the date of the contract and the particular contract you’re using to enforce the lien.”  To read more of Gorman’s thoughts on the topic, read the full article here (subscription required).

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