Hugh J. Gorman lll Quoted in Mass Lawyers Weekly on $48M Arbitration Award vs Investment Advisor Case

December 2, 2015

In a recent case, an arbitrator did not exceed his authority when he applied out-of-state law to award treble damages to a husband and wife who claimed they lost millions due to the fraud and gross negligence of their investment advisor, and the Superior Court judge has ruled in upholding the $48 million award.

Prince Lobel partner and commercial litigator Hugh Gorman (who also serves as an arbitrator in commercial matters) was featured in Mass Lawyers Weekly stating “If the parties have contractually agreed to it, the courts don’t want to go in and conduct a de novo review to see if the arbitrator made the right decision. Judge Leibensperger is absolutely right as to what the SJC’s standard is.”

Click here to read Hugh’s full quote.

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