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Prince Lobel is pleased to have an expert team of cannabis lawyers in White Plains, New York after almost a decade of representing marijuana businesses in Massachusetts. Prince Lobel proudly represented the first legal cannabis business to open in Boston, as well as the first business to change from a non-profit organization, and the first marijuana dispensary to be licensed for Adult Use. Our cannabis lawyers were the first to file a change of control application with the Cannabis Control Commission, and represented the purchasers in the two largest transactions in Massachusetts in 2019.

New York State is likely to become the largest cannabis market in the United States, so Prince Lobel added an outstanding group of cannabis lawyers in White Plains, New York in July 2022:  James K. Landau, Douglas S. Trokie and David C. Holland.  Two months later, we added leading New York cannabis attorney Andrew Schriever.  With this experienced group, our White Plains cannabis lawyers can provide New York cannabis clients the ability to leverage the firm’s vast experience alongside the trio’s knowledge of local, state, and federal laws and years of experience in litigation, zoning, and corporate law.

We serve a diverse spectrum of cannabis clients including existing and prospective marijuana dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturers, management companies, retailers, property owners, and investors. Our cannabis lawyers have provided sophisticated strategic advice and representation to these clients in connection with a wide variety of matters, such as negotiating the complex agreement to transfer ownership and control to national or international investors or buyers; navigating the state licensing process and the local municipal entitlement process for the siting of marijuana cultivation, cannabis production and dispensing facilities (including obtaining letters of support or non-opposition, zoning approvals, and other permits); structuring banking relationships; developing and implementing tax strategies; forming, structuring and maintaining the sometimes multiple entities that best serves a New York cannabis business; negotiating mezzanine funding agreements, preparing private placement memoranda and assisting with other fundraising efforts; and negotiating the complex lease agreements and purchase and sale agreements for commercial real estate matters in this specialized legal cannabis industry. Our New York cannabis lawyers are well-versed in the complex laws governing New York cannabis and stay constantly informed on any updates and changes to those cannabis laws.

Prince Lobel is pleased to represent the economically disadvantaged in the White Plains, New York area to open, operate and fund their legal cannabis businesses; we actively represent social equity applicants and Economic Empowerment Applicants in their filings with the Cannabis Control Commission, and Equity Applicants in Boston and New York. We have represented these applicants and their investors in achieving the difficult balance of allowing the investors to retain their rights to realized gains, while assuring the Equity Applicants retain the interest required to maintain that status. Frequently we will offer discounted rates to our Economic Empowerment clients.

At Prince Lobel in White Plains, our cannabis lawyers have developed extraordinary relationships with a network of other professionals in New York that service the legal cannabis industry, including banking institutions, accounting firms, architects, engineers, real estate developers, and real estate brokers and appraisers. This dynamic collaboration of strong partnerships and legal expertise makes Prince Lobel uniquely equipped to serve all of our clients’ marijuana business-related needs.

Prince Lobel New York cannabis lawyers in have experience in the following areas relating to the cannabis industry:

  • Regulatory
  • Corporate
  • Taxation
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Intellectual Property
  • Labor and Employment
  • Litigation
  • Environmental Considerations


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