Social Media and Internet Law

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Prince Lobel is a leader in the fast-changing world of social media law and compliance.  With the evolution of social media in the workplace, and the implications for every aspect of your business, our robust practice group addresses the complex legal issues that arise from the use of social platforms.

Our social media attorneys bring creativity and expertise to all social matters facing your business and offer up-to-the minute advice on the ramifications of social media use for employment relations and discipline, publishing liability, regulatory enforcement, and marketing and advertising.  We partner with our clients to develop a strategy that fits each company’s unique goals and help develop best practices tailored to each client’s particular business, marketing, and communications needs.

Working side-by-side with our clients, we draft plain-language policies that respect employee privacy and withstand National Labor Relations Act scrutiny, structure marketing programs that comply with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines, and provide informed advice to prevent litigation.



Legal issues relating to the internet are continuously evolving but include topics around domain names; trademark usage across the web; issues involving internet service providers; web architecture issues including coding, encryption, filters, and search engines; privacy and data usage rules; copyright infringement; online criminal activity; intellectual property issues; and website creation.  With the rapid pace of change and evolution, our internet attorneys have solved some of the internet’s most common and some of the most unique challenges.  With so much at stake for companies who need a strong online presence–both in the U.S. and worldwide–we have helped clients navigate the many challenges they face.