Unmanned and Autonomous Systems

Our Unmanned and Autonomous Systems Group helps private industry and government entities navigate the overlapping technical and regulatory regimes that impact the use of unmanned and autonomous systems, particularly in Massachusetts. Our clients trust us to understand the nuances of the existing legislative landscape, as well as the trajectory of change.

We develop meaningful partnerships and facilitate strong collaborative relationships. Our work allows industry innovators to work more effectively with federal, state, and local governments, whether as business partners, vendors, grant recipients, or regulated entities pushing the boundaries of existing use.

We also guide private property owners and governmental entities as they seek to shape the use of unmanned and autonomous technologies within their jurisdiction.

Our group has the knowledge and expertise to help companies thrive in vibrant new industries. We regularly counsel clients on data security and privacy and assist technology companies with a broad range of needs: corporate, litigation, procurement, permitting, real estate, and zoning.

When it comes to unmanned aerial systems, our expertise is deep. We know how to build a drone program from the ground up, creating workable policies, procedures, and systems to ensure safe, secure, and cost-effective flight. Our attorneys have played a pivotal role in the creation of the Massachusetts Department of Transportations ’ drone program, which ensures that drones are used safely to further MassDOT’s transportation mission. We provide strategic advice as the Commonwealth races to integrate unmanned aerial systems into the national air space within Massachusetts.