Is There Enough Net Metering Cap Space Left For My Project?

February 11, 2013

That is the question that has
been on the minds of many since the private and public net metering caps were
each increased to three percent by legislation enacted last summer. Today, the
MassACA Administrator released its latest information, current to the February
7, 2013 deadline for transitional applications.  

to view the "Application Activity and Remaining Capacity
Report" as published on the MassACA website 

In summary, across all service
territories, a three percent cap equates to 332,900 kilowatts (kW). With
respect to the private cap, more than half the capacity, 183,384 kW, is still
available. Under the public cap, there is even more space available, 219,107 kW
or 66 percent. It is important to remember that for solar projects, capacity is
counted at 80 percent of the DC-STC rating.  

These numbers reflect available
space under the cap after accounting for those projects that are already
interconnected as well as those that have submitted applications for
allocations. Please note, however, that some of these projects may not meet
necessary benchmarks to maintain that allocation allotment.  

While there have been countless
challenges for projects in the Massachusetts renewable energy net metering
pipeline, these numbers show that projects are indeed moving forward toward
commercial operation and that space remains for continued growth in the
renewable energy industry. 

If you have any questions or would like additional information
about net metering or the MassACA Administrator, or want to learn more about
renewable energy and energy efficiency regulations and programs, please contact
Craig Tateronis. You can reach Craig at 617 456 8021 or

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