Julie Barry Authors an Article on Amphibious Vehicles for REBA News

January 30, 2018

Environmental Law Group chair Julie Barry and conservation commissioner and licensed site professional Samuel W. Butcher co-authored an article for REBA News on the potential impact of — and restrictions on — amphibious vehicles in wetlands environments.  Barry and Butcher recount the “Moby Duck” case, in which the owners of a fleet of amphibious vehicles used for tours in Gloucester and Salem sued in Superior Court to have restrictions to public access docks invalidated, but lost due to the Court’s economic and environmental concerns.  The authors go on to list all the ways in which the state might regulate such vehicles, and conclude that more studies are needed on the impact of these vehicles in public waters before official rules can be made as to their use across the commonwealth.  To read the full article, see Page 1 here (continuation on Page 11).

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