Law360 Covers Patent Case Involving Firm Client Uniloc

February 25, 2022

Law360 recently ran a story involving firm’s appellate victory on behalf of client Uniloc, wherein the Federal Circuit found that a district court abused its discretion in ordering unsealed Uniloc’s licensees’ confidential information.

In the underlying case, the district court ordered Uniloc to unseal and make public licensing information with more than 100 of Uniloc’s licensees. In the February 9, 2022 article, the publication noted that “The panel majority took issue with how a Northern District of California judge characterized patent law.”  It continued, “The majority found that the public has little legal right to see the insides of a patent lawsuit.” The appellate court therefore vacated the judge’s decision and remanded the issue to make determinations on whether any third-party licensing should be sealed.

The Federal Circuit’s opinion may be found at

Uniloc USA and Uniloc Luxembourg are represented by Partner Aaron S. Jacobs, a member of the firm’s Intellectual Property practice group.

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