Meeting With the Custody Advisor: Donald G. Tye Authors Article in Family Advocate magazine

July 10, 2012

Donald’ Tye’s article includes practical,
hands-on advice and suggestions for parents facing a custody evaluation.
Since the custody evaluator is, in effect, “the judge’s own private
investigator,” it’s important for parents to “put their best foot forward,”
prepare appropriately for the visit, and focus less on the shortcomings of the
other parent and more on showing that they consistently have the children’s
best interest at heart.

Included in the article is sensible and realistic advice

  • What
    does the custody evaluator like to see?
  • What
    can I expect from a custody evaluation?
  • Pulling
    together the paperwork
  • Be on
    your best behavior
  • Tips
    for in-home observations
  • Tips
    for your interviews with the evaluator
  • What not
    to do when communicating with the evaluator

Click the link below to read the entire article.

G. Tye is co-chair of Prince Lobel’s Domestic Relations Practice Group. He has
more than 30 years of experience as a trial attorney, guardian ad litem, master,
mediator, and arbitrator. 

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