Nanomaterial Recommended Exposure Reduced

July 23, 2013

As the use of nanomaterials in
consumer goods, medical devices, and other products continues to grow and the
demand for such products continues to increase, so has the focus on the
potential health effects to consumers and other users of products containing
nanomaterials and to workers exposed to nanomaterials in the manufacturing
process. Most recently, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and
Health (NIOSH) reported the results of animal studies that show that certain
types of nanomaterials can affect the lungs. In light of those studies, and in
an attempt to further protect workers from suffering similar harmful effects,
NIOSH lowered its recommended exposure levels and issued additional recommendations
for employers related to the continued assessment of potential hazards as the
hazards are still largely unknown. Click here to read the complete
article published on

complete article is published on This portion is reproduced with
permission. Copyright 2013, International Risk Management Institute, Inc.

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