New Podcast: Dave and Andrew’s Legal High-Jinx

July 5, 2023

Partners Andrew Schriever and David Holland have started a podcast called Dave and Andrew’s Legal High-Jinx.

Listen to Dave and Andrew’s Legal High-Jinx on Spotify.

Episode 1: Don’t Fear the Reefer
Episode 1 is about cannabis and its intersection with policy, culture, business and law. They discuss why cannabis became illegal in the first place (spoiler alert — it wasn’t about the plant) what brought us to today, where cannabis markets are rolling out in New York, across the nation, and worldwide, and what comes next.

Episode 2: Unshuffling the CAURDs
In episode 2, Andrew and Dave dive into NY’s CAURD (Conditional Adult Use Retail Dispensary) program, as legal retail starts coming online statewide, and what it all means for what comes next. This episode features special guests Kristin Jordan, real estate attorney, adjunct professor, entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Park Jordan Real Estate, cannabis thought-leader and guru, and Prince Lobel Tye partner James K. Landau.

Episode 3: 52-Pick-Up

David and Andrew sit down with powerhouse cannabis professionals/entrepreneurs Scheril Murray Powell, Vladimir Bautista, Dorian Harrington and Joshua Tepperberg. In episode 3, which is part one of the first trilogy of the podcast, Dave, Andrew, and their guests speak about NY’s Cannabis Legacy Market.

Episode 4: 52-Pick-Up Pt. 2

In the second part of the trilogy, Dave and Andrew continue the conversation with powerhouse cannabis professionals/entrepreneurs Scheril Murray Powell, Vladimir Bautista, Dorian Harrington and Joshua Tepperberg and discuss where the New York Market Stands.

Episode 5: 52-Pick-Up Pt. 3

The final part of the trilogy details what legacy means in terms of the cannabis market.

Episode 6: The Final Countdown

In “The Final Countdown,” David Holland and Andrew Schriever speak with Michelle Fields, Esq., about New York’s launch of its cannabis business application portal, which is now open for anyone who wants to apply.

Episode 7: “The Taking Of Potdom Schedule 123”

This episode features special guest Michelle Fields, Esq. Michelle, David Holland and Andrew Schriever dive into the question of “What Could Possibly Go Wrong” now that the federal government has taken initial action to reschedule cannabis as a Schedule III drug.

Episode 8: “It’s Not Fair”

In Episode 8, David and Andrew interview people at the Cannabis Grower’s Showcase who are involved in getting New York’s legal cannabis market started.

Episode 9: “It’s Not Fair Pt. 2”

Dave and Andrew have great conversations with Joann Kudrewicz and Michael Kudrewicz of Ravens View Genetics, Precious Brown and Brandi Hester of Entertaining and Elevating, and Desmon Lewis, Co-Founder of The Bronx Community Foundation.

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