Peter J. Caruso ll Quoted in the Wellesley Townsman After the Paper Received a $2,000 Bill for Public Records Request

January 20, 2016

A public records request by a Townsman has recently been responded to by Wellesley’s Human Resources Director with the cost estimate being a minimum of about $898.92 for the documents.  However, depending on the length of time it will take to sort through the records, it could cost close to $1,671.24 with the possibility of it going even higher. The Human Resources Department has objected to making public which boards were later in submitting evaluations due to reluctance for the boards to be accusatory.

Our media and First Amendment attorney Peter Caruso stated, “That’s not a legitimate reason.  That is not one of the many exemptions to the public records law. So it makes a $2,000 bill all the more suspect.  I’m not saying it’s not a legitimate cost, but I’m saying further scrutiny should be given to the estimate.”

Click here to read Peter’s full quote and the article.

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