Prince Lobel

Strategic Advisors

Prince Lobel Strategic Advisors provides strategic advisory services for start-up and emerging growth companies, in a variety of industries nationwide, to help move them to the next level.


Small Business Start-Up

Helping start-ups and entrepreneurs launch new ventures and move them to the next level through merger, sale and IPO.

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Legal Cannabis

Assisting applicants to navigate the licensing processes and remain compliant with applicable laws, regulations, and policies.

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Business Documentation

Developing internally and externally focused business documentation to assist in decision-making and financing.

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Financial Modeling

Establishing financial models to reflect management’s expectations of the execution of their operations.

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M&A and Exit Strategies

Preparing businesses and management to strategically plan for, and achieve, the transition of a merger, acquisition, or exit.

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Initial Public Offerings

Working with companies to go public via an IPO process in which shares of a company are sold to institutional investors.

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Ronald C. Lipof

President & CEO
Prince Lobel Strategic Advisors, LLC


Ronald C. Lipof is Prince Lobel Strategic Advisors’ President & CEO. He is a tested entrepreneurial leader and has been representing companies for over 30 years, moving them to the next level through merger, sale, and IPO. Ron is a recognized leader in the legal cannabis space, assisting clients with site selection, navigating the municipal and state licensing processes, application filings, compliance and exit strategies. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Government Relations from Boston University and currently serves as a judge for the MassChallenge Start-up Accelerator.