Proposed Bill Seeks to Shield Domestic Violence Victims: Robert A. Bertsche Quoted in Boston Globe

July 15, 2013

Prince Lobel Tye LLP media law partner Rob Bertsche reviewed the proposed legislation that would shield the names of both the accused and the accuser in matters of domestic violence.  Lawmakers need to consider the important goal of encouraging domestic violence victims to come forward with the public’s right to know about those in the community who might be perpetrating these types of attacks.

Regarding the proposed bill, Rob Bertsche stated, “If we want to combat incidents of domestic violence, we want people to know about how much it happens, under what circumstances it happens . . . when it is a repeat incident. ” He added, “I think it goes far, far further than it needs to in order to achieve its laudable aims.’’

Please click here to read the complete Boston Globe article and all of Rob’s comments.

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