Robert A. Bertsche Quoted in Weekly Dig Article Concerning Precedent-Setting Decision for Cyber-Rights

March 1, 2009

An Illinois court recently decided not to hold Craigslist liable for discriminatory postings, setting a precedent for cyber-rights. According to the Weekly Dig article, “whereas both newspapers and their advertisers are legally responsible for discriminatory ads, this ruling heaps responsibility on the poster—not the host—of online content.”

Robert Bertsche, the general counsel for the New England Press Association (and the Weekly Dig) says while the Seventh Circuit doesn’t dictate Massachusetts law, he hopes the ruling signals shifting attitudes. “The Internet is an unrestrained marketplace for free speech,” he says. “A number of housing agencies have sued websites that allow third parties to post, because it gets more publicity and landlords don’t have much money. They’re going after the messenger rather than the source of discrimination.”

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