The Application for New York’s Cannabis Compliance Training & Mentorship Program is Live – Through November 3, 2022

October 28, 2022

The application for the OCM Cannabis Compliance Training & Mentorship Program (CCTM) is now live. Applications are being accepted by OCM through Thursday, November 3, 2022, at 11:59 PM.

Back in February, when Governor Hochul signed the Conditional Cultivator Bill (S.8084/A.9283) into law, one of its mandates was the creation of a “mentorship program.” Its purpose is to identify and train those with varying experiences in cannabis cultivation/processing, but who did not qualify for the conditional program, and who may lack experience working within a highly regulated industry at an official State level with its many regulations and legal requirements.

Through the CCTM program, enrollees will obtain targeted exposure and instruction that will help bring them up to speed on NYS protocols and procedures, readying them to enter into the legal cannabis framework when licenses are ready in 2023. Lessons will include:

–  MRTA Background/Introduction
–  Legal Considerations
–  Business Formation
–  Labor Laws
–  Worker Safety and Training
–  Recall Plans and Safety
–  Root Zone Management
–  Nutrient Deficiencies
–  Lab Testing
–  The COA/THC tax
–  Compliant Packaging
–  Marketing Legal Cannabis
–  Environmental Controls
–  Lighting and Temperature
–  Inventory Tracking & Paperwork Management Strategies
–  Supply Chain Management
–  Managing Risk in Your Extraction Business


If you have questions about this program or any other cannabis issue, please contact a member of the Prince Lobel Cannabis team.


With thanks to Alex Hymowitz for his work on this client alert. 

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