The State of Extramarital Affairs – Donald G. Tye Quoted in Boston Globe magazine

Firm News · November 17, 2013

Just as the stigma of cheating has, perhaps, faded – while the opportunities
to stray have multiplied – adultery is, according to the Globe article, “rarely
brought up as a tactic [during a divorce], sometimes to speed up the process or
to affect custody, or as a pressure point during settlement negotiations.”

Donald Tye added, that in a divorce proceeding, “people are often trying to vindicate
their emotional trauma or to really try to exact some economic reparation.” However,
since Massachusetts has no-fault divorce, adultery typically plays little or no
role in the outcome of a divorce.

Donald G. Tye is a partner and co-founder of Prince Lobel Tye LLP, and chair
of its Domestic Relations Practice Group. He has more than 30 years
of experience as an attorney, guardian ad litem, master, mediator,
arbitrator, author, and lecturer.

Click here to view the Globe magazine article (Globe subscription may be required).

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