A Message from Managing Partner Craig Tateronis

January 22, 2021

Happy New Year.

As I was thinking about this year’s message, it made sense to disregard the format of past years, and to streamline our message.

Everyone at Prince Lobel is grateful for the support that you, our clients, friends, and business partners have shown us over the past 10 months.  The loyalty, trust, cooperation, friendship and goodwill that you demonstrated in 2020 were overwhelming.  So our message is simple.  Thank you.

Since March, we have added eight experienced lawyers:  Jason Brown, Business Litigation; Chris Campbell, Employment Law; Ashfin Islam, Real Estate and Renewable Energy;  Richard Kanoff, Real Estate and Renewable Energy; Josh Paquette, Data Privacy and Security; Brian Seeve, Intellectual Property;  Ann Sobolewski, Real Estate and Environmental Law; and Katherine Surprenant, Media, Publishing, and First Amendment Law.  With the added capabilities of these new members of our team, we will continue to work tirelessly to provide you with the excellent results, client service, and value that you have come to expect from us.

One of our 2020 initiatives was the launch of a new website.  If you are interested in new developments at Prince Lobel, I encourage you to visit

Once again, thank you, and we wish you all a healthy, safe, and prosperous 2021.


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