Data Security Jump-Start for 2018: Stay Ahead of Current Threats!

November 28, 2017

Prince Lobel’s Data Privacy and Security Practice Group, and representatives of Charles River Associates, the Mercy College Cyber Research Institute, Stroz Friedberg, LLC, and the U.S. Department of Justice’s Federal Bureau of Investigation are collaborating to lead a dynamic roundtable discussion on critical issues in data privacy and security.  We will cover best practices that you, your management, and your directors must know to reduce risk, help ensure compliance, and avoid crucial mistakes and deficiencies.  Failure to understand and implement these preventative measures may mean exposing your businesses to reputational harm; lost revenue and enterprise value; regulatory and civil actions due to a criminal or insider-triggered data breach; or loss or unauthorized use of legally protected data, trade secrets, or proprietary information in your or your agents’ possession or control.

Our panel will lead a discussion concerning new and developing law and regulations, both foreign and domestic, which affect your business or organization, the current threat environment and “best practices” safeguards, proper data breach response planning and execution, vital interplay between legal counsel and computer forensic investigators, and the important role of law enforcement in the event of any breach.  We hope you will join us!!

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