Jeffrey Pyle Discusses anti-SLAPP laws and Online Reviewers in The Boston Globe

October 3, 2017

Media and First Amendment attorney Jeffrey Pyle was quoted in a recent Boston Globe article on the rights of online commenters to post unfavorable reviews without fear of being sued.  The article covered review-based company TripAdvisor’s attempts to win for greater coverage for reviewers under the Massachusetts anti-SLAPP law, which protects individuals from lawsuits meant to limit free speech and participation.  The proposed legislation would extend anti-SLAPP protections to those posting online and allow defendants to collect legal fees.  “We have one of the weaker laws in the country,” said Pyle, who testified before Massachusetts state legislature’s Joint Committee on the Judiciary in favor of the legislation to strengthen the law.  To read more of Pyle’s thoughts, you can find the full article here.


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