Keeping Up With Evolution of Technology and the Law: Robert A. Bertsche and Asya Calixto Discuss their 2012 NENPA Presentation

February 6, 2012

At the 2012 New England Newspaper and Press Association’s (NENPA) winter convention, Rob and Asya will be presenting a “legal cram course” that focuses on areas of libel, copyright infringement law and privacy law, in the context of new media. According to Rob Bertsche, a partner and co-chair of Prince Lobel’s Media Law Practice Group, “newspapers today don’t want to win a libel suit; rather they want to make sure that they never have to battle one.”  Asya, an associate in the firm’s media group, notes that “the workshop is good for people who are looking to
see how changes in technology correspond with the changes in the law.”

To read more, please click here to view the article on the NENPA website. The 2012 NENPA convention takes place February 10-11 at Boston’s Park Plaza Hotel.

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