Norfolk County District Attorney Involved in Car Crash: Jeffrey J. Pyle Quoted in Boston Globe

IN THE PRESS · July 17, 2013

Prince Lobel Tye LLP media law partner Jeffrey J. Pyle provided expert commentary regarding local authorities that withheld  the names of the parties involved in a four-car crash, as well as the incident report itself. Accident details now being reported indicate that the car driven by Norfolk County (Mass.) DA Michael Morrissey crossed the center line and collided with two other vehicles. A fourth vehicle swerved to avoid the crash and went off the roadway.

Jeff Pyle, noted for his expertise in First Amendment law, stated that police reports are generally presumed public record under state law, although various departments often cite the exemption that allows them to withhold the incident reports if releasing them could influence an investigation. In this particular instance, Jeff stated, “Based on what you’re telling me, I cannot think of proper legal justification for them to withhold those records.”

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