OSHA and HSE Publications Promote Workplace Risk Management and Safety

IN THE PRESS · April 5, 2013

As nanomaterials make their way from the laboratory to the
store shelf in the form of consumer products, efforts to identify and manage
risks associated with the materials have intensified. In particular, we have
seen concerns for the health and safety of consumers manifested in the
development and anticipated promulgation of labeling standards to alert
consumers of the potential hazards of products that incorporate nanomaterials.
But what attention is being given to those involved in the manufacturing of
products incorporating nanomaterials given that this is the stage where
exposure to component nanomaterials is most likely to occur? Recently,
government agencies charged with ensuring occupational health and safety standards
have begun providing guidance to employers on the need to assess and control
nanomaterial hazards in the workplace. Click here to read the complete article
published on IRMI.com.

The complete article is published on IRMI.com. This portion
is reproduced with permission. Copyright 2013, International Risk Management
Institute, Inc.

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