Prince Lobel Offers Access Hotline for New England Media

March 30, 2020



CONTACT US AT or 1-888-428-7490


During the COVID-19 crisis, Prince Lobel is offering its services pro bono to all New England news media –print, broadcast, audio, video, and online – seeking emergency legal counsel to help obtain access to public records, government meetings, and public spaces.

All New England media outlets, producers, podcasters, reporters, and documentarians are eligible to contact the Access Hotline to obtain prompt, useful legal advice from the nationally known group of media lawyers at Prince Lobel Tye LLP, subject to the terms below.

Inquiries should be directed to or 1-888-428-7490.

The Prince Lobel lawyers will provide timely, brief, and practical advice in response to access questions. When appropriate, Prince Lobel will refer callers to other media lawyers located throughout the six New England states.

Prince Lobel is offering the hotline pro bono, as a free public service to help the New England media during a time when historic economic disruption is putting severe financial pressure on local news organizations.

More information on the hotline can be obtained by calling attorney Jeff Pyle at 617-456-8143.

Jeffrey J. Pyle (


Terms of Use

  1. No attorney-client relationship will be established between any person who contacts the Access Hotline and Prince Lobel unless and until Prince Lobel agrees to the representation in writing. Legal advice will not be provided in matters that would create a professional conflict of interest for Prince Lobel, and Prince Lobel may otherwise decline to enter into an attorney-client relationship with any person or entity for any reason. In case of conflict of interest or declined representation for other reasons, a person who contacts the hotline may be referred to other lawyers outside of Prince Lobel who may be available to respond to the inquiry. However, all fee arrangements in such cases will be between you and the attorney to whom you have been referred.
  2. If your inquiry is accepted by Prince Lobel and requires no more than three hours of lawyer time, you will not be billed for the service. If and when it becomes apparent that your inquiry will require additional time or legal resources, you will be so advised and, if appropriate, given the option of engaging Prince Lobel Tye LLP directly to handle your case under a separate engagement. In such case, you will be directly responsible for the fee.
  3. On inquiries in excess of four per month by the same person or media entity, Prince Lobel may elect not to perform the work pursuant to the Access Hotline, subject to the opportunity to enter into a separate engagement as described above.





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