Pros and Cons of Guardianships for Parents of Impaired Adults

May 13, 2013

When we think about guardianships, we often think about young children
whose parents have died, elderly patients with dementia, or even young adults
who have been so severely injured that they can no longer care for

But a new category has been emerging lately – adult children whose
decisions are clearly impaired. Britney Spears is an example of an adult who
makes records, performs worldwide, and is “one of the most recognizable
celebrities in America.” Yet her father is her court-appointed conservator and
she does not have the right to make her own legal or financial decisions.

When does it make sense to place an adult under guardianship or
conservatorship? What are the risks to proceeding in that direction – and what
are the risks if you don’t? What can this decision do to families and what
steps are necessary to start that process? To learn more, click here to read
Patricia’s complete article.

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