Robert A. Bertsche Argues on Behalf of Allowing Eagle-Tribune to Videotape Testimony

May 29, 2009

The case involves a former Haverhill (MA) Highway Department superintendent whose lawyer argued that videotaping his client’s testimony poses a substantial risk to his health, and could cause him to have another heart attack.

Although the judge had originally agreed with the former superintendent’s attorney, he has agreed to reconsider his decision after a hearing at which Eagle-Tribune lawyer Robert Bertsche argued to allow the newspaper to videotape the testimony. According to the Eagle-Tribune, Rob noted that the case is “of great interest” to Haverhill residents, as it involves allegations that the defendant “stole and misused” taxpayer money while he was an elected official.

Rob also noted that the defendant “should be familiar and comfortable with speaking in public given his many years as head of the Highway Department.”

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