Robert A. Bertsche Quoted in Bridgewater Independent: Some Local Government Officials Continue to Deny Access to Public Records

March 18, 2012

When asked for access to public documents, some local officials display either a lack of understanding or a lack of information as to how they need to comply with public records law. According to Rob Bertsche, a partner in Prince Lobel’s Media Law Practice Group, “there’s an extremely uneven level of understanding on what the public records law requires.”

Rob also notes that there is no incentive to provide public records, and suggests that the state needs to impose tougher penalties for standing in the way of the public’s right to know.  “There seems to be a sense that you won’t get in trouble for saying ‘no,’ but you might get in trouble for giving out something.”

Click here to read the complete article, the rest of Rob’s comments, and his observations on steps now being taken that might help to improve compliance with public records law.

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