Steven H. Gans Quoted on Regarding Legal Issues In Connection With FIFA Scandal

June 3, 2015

Growing pressure from sponsors would not be compelling enough in order to move the 2022 World Cup from Qatar. Scandal broke when word spread that Qatar’s 2022 World Cup Organizing Committee allegedly paid off FIFA officials in order to win the coveted host spot.

“They can’t do it lightly, there have to be compelling reasons,” said Boston-based Professional Soccer Advisors principal Steve Gans, who has authored World Cup bid documents. “That’s why it turns on the investigation – if they find fraud, that changes everything. If it’s true Swiss authorities are investigating and they find evidence of wrong doing there is every chance it could be reversed.

“But it can’t be snatched away just like that. Qatar has legally binding agreements. So, it would have to be something meteoric and substantial.”

To read more about the allegations of corruption in the bid for the 2022 World Cup games, click here.

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