Who we are

Diverse by nature


A commitment to diversity

Prince Lobel recognizes that successful organizations unite those with different backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, and talents. When we look around—to our clients, to our staff, and to the communities we serve and volunteer with—we see the value of inclusion. We are proud to be located in a city brimming with students, families, and professionals from all cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicities, and we continue to transform and redefine our goals in order to become an organization that reflects the diversity around us.

In 2019, the firm introduced the Walter P. Prince Fellowship, which was created to honor the legacy of firm co-founder Walter Prince, whose early career included work in the Public Defender Division in Roxbury. Prince Lobel joined forces with the Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services, underwriting the fellowship position for a promising attorney who will serve as a trial attorney in the Roxbury, West Roxbury, and Dorchester courts for one year. The 2021 fellow is Hakeem Muhammad. “This fellowship paves the way for a very bright and talented young lawyer to get a good start in the profession and in providing quality legal services to indigent clients,” notes Walter Prince.

Pictured are (left to right):  Walter B. Prince, Amaylah Israel, Jessie Carredano, and Hakeem Muhammad at a meeting in October 2021 at the Roxbury Defenders Office.  Walter notes: “I had the privilege of meeting with the three Prince Fellows in October. We had a great conversation. I enjoyed learning how some things have dramatically changed, and how some have remained the same.  I’m deeply moved by the generosity of the firm for creating the Prince Fellows program and want to thank Prince Lobel for its impressive leadership and vision. Needless to say that I am so proud of the firm for its commitment to effective legal representation for all people in the Roxbury community.”

Raising the bar

We understand that we have a responsibility to make a conscious, ongoing effort to ensure that our workplace reflects the community in which we live and work. It is our responsibility to provide opportunity to the youth in our community who have limited resources or options.  It is also our responsibility to partner with hard-working businesses that provide local jobs and are themselves trying to build a sustainable, diverse community.

Our Diversity Committee works to ensure that all lawyers and staff have the opportunity to develop their talents fully, to create a firm whose composition more closely reflects that of our clients and the world in which we live and practice, and to promote greater diversity in the legal profession. We believe it is our responsibility to actively seek qualified, minority candidates to join our firm and to nurture them and provide them with opportunities for growth and promotion.   As a firm, we have one of Boston’s most highly diverse teams of partners and committee members, who lead and bring their unique perspectives to today’s business and legal challenges.  By firmly embedding respect and inclusion into the firm’s culture, we have created a dynamic, supportive, collaborative, and rewarding place to work.

Recognition for our diversity initiatives

The firm has received a Leader in Diversity award from the Boston Business Journal in the area of “Corporate Social Responsibility,” as well as the Rosoff Workplace Diversity Initiative Award for our commitment to providing opportunities to the youth in our community who have limited resources or options.

In addition, founding partner Walter B. Prince’s efforts to promote diversity in the legal profession have caught the attention of the Commonwealth’s leaders in Washington, D.C. Senator Elizabeth Warren and then-Senator John Kerry each tapped Walter to participate on advisory committees to recommend federal district court judges and magistrate judges. Another partner, Joseph L. Edwards Jr., sits on the Advisory Board for the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.

During 2019, Partner Paige Scott Reed served as the President of the Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association.  Additionally, Paige chaired the finance committee for Rachael Rollins’ historic campaign, helping to elect the first black woman to serve as District Attorney for Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

Leadership in diversity

Boston Business Journal

Diversity Initiative Award

Rosoff Workplace

Commission Against Discrimination

Advisory Board for the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.

Achieving goals

We live in a world where business continues to grow dramatically, with start-ups, entrepreneurs, international expansions, and a global workforce. The world has also shrunk, due to our ability to communicate instantaneously—whether it be with the lawyer in the next office or with our client across the pond. What was once global is now local. What was once an abstract concept—diversity—is now a tangible and quantifiable objective. Long before this happened, Prince Lobel prided itself on having a diverse workplace.   In this area, as in all others, we continue to set ambitious goals and work hard to achieve them.

Women at Prince


Prince Lobel’s women’s initiative, Women@Prince, focuses on building relationships both within and outside the firm.   Geared toward promoting the talents and abilities of our female attorneys, and addressing the unique challenges faced by female attorneys throughout their careers, Women@Prince supports its members’ professional development by providing career advice, educational and mentoring programs, and networking opportunities.  Women@Prince also supports local, female-focused charities by hosting events, and through volunteer outreach and fundraising initiatives.