Jeffrey J. Pyle quoted in The Boston Globe on Supreme Judicial Court’s Ruling on Public Access to Videotape of Police Interrogation

January 9, 2017

Jeffrey J. Pyle, partner and member of Prince Lobel Tye’s Media and First Amendment Law group, was recently quoted in The Boston Globe on the state Supreme Judicial Court’s ruling on public access to videotape of a police interrogation.  The videotape of the police interrogation was not played during the trial of the teen accused of murdering, raping, and robbing his teacher.  Chief Justice Ralph D. Gants wrote, “Where this authority is invoked to prohibit the news media from recording a video recording played in open court at a suppression hearing, the news media may report on the substance of the statements made in the recording but will be unable to disseminate the recording itself.”

Jeffrey Pyle stated, “I hope that in the future those kinds of no-copying orders will be used sparingly.  The media’s ability to copy judicial records is the way in which most people become aware of their content.”

Read the full article here.

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