Jeffrey Pyle Quoted in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly Discussing Administrative Subpoena Case

IN THE PRESS · July 26, 2017

On behalf of investigative journalist Shawn Musgrave, Media and First Amendment attorney Jeff Pyle recently secured the release of court records from a 2011 case in which prosecutors issued an administrative subpoena to identify an anonymous Twitter user.  Pyle and attorneys from the ACLU filed a lawsuit challenging the impoundment of the records, and in response, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office agreed that the documents, including those showing the reason for the subpoena, should be released. In Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, Pyle explains why the unveiling of these records was important: “administrative subpoenas, which aren’t subject to any controls by a judge [and which] demand the unmasking of an anonymous speaker in the platform people most use today — social media — are a chilling and problematic thing for the First Amendment.” Read more about the case here (subscription required).

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