Public-Private Counsel

Prince Lobel’s Public-Private Counsel Practice Group

Prince Lobel’s Public-Private Counsel practice group has extensive experience advising public agencies and representing private-sector companies and institutions facing a spectrum of business, regulatory, and litigation matters. Based on broad experience in both the public and private sectors, the Prince Lobel team has successfully guided clients through the nuanced and complicated landscape where legal, commercial, public policy, and regulatory matters intersect. Our attorneys have represented a variety of clients who have faced the following challenges:

  • High-stakes, reputational project challenges
  • Preserving or enhancing public value during the course of negotiations between government agencies and developers
  • Negotiations between public authorities and private developers
  • Preserving open space and other public interests while promoting public-private development
  • Facing local and state regulatory and enforcement inquiries and investigations
  • Negotiating land disposition agreements

We represent a wide variety of clients, including:

  • Publicly and privately held companies
  • Public authorities
  • Higher education entities
  • Nonprofits
  • Clients in regulated industries such as telecommunications energy, banking, insurance, and financial services
  • Real estate developers
  • Health care providers

We advise clients, helping to identify issues and develop a strategic approach to complicated public-private transactions. We advise on policy aspects of projects and negotiate with authorities. We also assist with setting up strategic partnerships. Many team members have  worked at high levels of government agencies and have insights that help us successfully advise businesses and institutions to help them achieve successful outcomes.