Business Transactions

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Prince Lobel’s Business Transactions Practice Group delivers comprehensive legal services to businesses of all sizes and in all stages of development.  Our group is large enough, experienced enough, talented enough and efficient enough to represent our clients against the large strategic or Private Equity buyers and unlike boutique firms, our Business Transactions Practice Group can provide full service support to our corporate clients in areas that are essential (employment, real estate, IP, tax planning and litigation) for small to large business entities. Through integrated meetings to provide guidance, we partner with clients and stay ahead of the curve as trusted advisors, counselors and advocates to help reach all your unique business objectives.

We represent companies from their beginning stages; including formation, corporate governance, and agreements among owners; through early stage financing and development, including employment agreements, software licenses, Internet terms of use and privacy policy, strategic partnership revenue sharing agreements, commercial agreements, employee equity and phantom plans, and financing agreements.  We continue to advise on all major events in the life of the organization, including sales, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, venture capital, and succession planning. We understand the prioritization of obstacles and offer versatility across a variety of practice group areas.

Our deep business experience allows us to quickly understand your specific goals and challenges to implement the best legal solutions at all phases, including:

  • New and existing business organization and structural issues
  • Supply and Master Service Agreements
  • Closely held and family-owned corporation issues
  • Software licensing and Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreements
  • Private company equity investments
  • Noncompetition and nonsolicitation agreements
  • Venture capital financing, including equity, debt, and convertible debt tranches
  • Asset-based financing and lending
  • Mergers and acquisitions of local, national, and international companies
  • Stock incentive plans (equity and phantom plans)
  • Compliance and maintenance of state and federal securities laws
  • Compliance with and tax planning around state, U.S., and foreign corporate, partnership, and individual tax laws
  • Corporate fiduciary duty issues
  • Corporate succession planning
  • Employment agreements and employment issues