Intellectual Property

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Few assets are as important to a company as its intellectual property.  Prince Lobel attorneys have been nationally recognized leaders in this area for decades.  They are drawn from the nation’s largest law firms and companies to bring an experienced and business-oriented perspective in solving intellectual property issues.  Our practice includes building a company’s intellectual property portfolio and enforcing or defending that property in district and appellate courts throughout the country.  Our clients range from inventors and entrepreneurs to large corporations and span a variety of fields including high technology, life sciences, traditional and online media, and insurance.


Patent Protection Issues

  • Asserting and defending patent infringement claims in district courts throughout the country and the Federal Circuit
  • Drafting and prosecuting international patent portfolios
  • Building and evaluating patent portfolios for due diligence, licensing, enforcement and defensive purposes
  • Drafting and negotiating patent licenses

Trademark and Brand Protection Issues

  • Enforcing and defending trademark claims before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and the federal courts
  • Prosecuting and managing national and international trademark portfolios
  • Brand development, including counseling on brand selection, protectability, and commercial impact
  • Representing clients in the registration and protection of internet domain names

Copyright Protection Issues

  • Developing comprehensive and practical strategies for registering and otherwise protecting creative assets
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts for licensing creative assets
  • Ensuring compliance under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and its safe harbor provisions
  • Drafting copyright and fair use opinion letters

Protection of Intellectual Property Assets

  • Litigating misappropriation of trade secrets claims
  • Drafting and negotiating nondisclosure, confidentiality, and proprietary information agreements
  • Drafting company policies to safeguard proprietary information and company assets
  • Assessing and auditing intellectual property portfolios